Auriel Grace is a natural intuitive. Since she was five years old, she has been able to see and communicate with spirit guides, angels, and other unseen beings. 


In the late 1990's, she became a Reiki Master Teacher and received her ordainment under the Order of Melchizedek. The Order of Melchizedek is a spiritual organization where we seek health and well-being for all beings everywhere. 


In 2004-2005, Auriel learned the art of Soul Retrieval, a way to Grace!


Many times, our current life issues/blockages are due to a past life event or trauma.  During Soul Retrieval, she takes you back to those lifetimes so you can correct the situation(s) thereby correcting your current life too.  It is amazing to be able to watch as you get your life back on track.  


The year 2010 brought Auriel into helping people with their growth of consciousness by giving Deeksha Blessings. 


Auriel Grace is also honored to be a Trance Channel for the Archeia, who are the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. Some of the Divine beings Auriel channels are Mother Mary, Lord Melchizedek and the Goddess Venus.      


She has practiced all over the United States assisting people with connecting to their hearts desire and their happily every after’s. She loves bringing the energy of Hope to the people she meets and works with. Auriel is constantly learning and growing in her practice as a Psychic and Soul Retrieval Practitioner. 




The Goddess Trilogy

The Book of Yzabelle

The Book of Ambyr

The Book of Bethany -  2020

These stories are lifetimes Auriel Grace has remembered and written!

Are you a part of those lifetimes?


Lucy Prophet is a series of a young lady with a vision and how she 'sees' that through! What would you do if you won the lottery?

Lucy Prophet Psychic Girl

Lucy Prophet Psychic Girl II

Lucy Prophet Psychic Girl III 12/2017


Psychic Story Series

Haunted – A Psychic’s Story 10/31/2016

Angels – A Psychic Story 12/2016

I am Psychic, Not Telepathic – 11/2017


In addition to her many speaking engagements Auriel is an online Radio Host.  You can join her on Sunday nights when she hosts A Gang of Girls Radio leading you into new dimensions and metaphysical teachings.