Surviving Evidence

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2017-12-25 20:00
Chris Di Cesare is a New York-based author and lecturer whose experiences as a college student back in 1985 have been the focus of several books, films, radio and television shows including the Syfy Network’s ‘School Spirits’ series, and the award-winning independent film “Please Talk with Me”. The C2D1 Haunting ranks among the most documented paranormal events in US history, defined by full-bodied apparitions, disembodied voices, moving objects, physical attacks, photographs and audio tapes. Over a dozen witnesses have professed their knowledge of, or experience with, this western New York extreme haunting that found a teenaged Di Cesare at its epicenter, and to whom urban legend ascribed the nickname ‘The Ghost Boy of Geneseo’. After decades of avoiding the spotlight, Di Cesare was encouraged to pen his own account of the events: “Surviving Evidence - Memoir of an Extreme Haunting”, Dark Moon Press (2014). Di Cesare’s appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory in June of 2014 helped propel his book to no. 5 on Amazon’s best seller list for its genre. He is joined by co-host and longtime friend, his ‘wing man’, Phil Casey. Casey also a native of the Empire State, who graduated from Newburgh Free Academy in 1992. Casey went on to play semi pro football, and then followed that up with his work in pro wrestling where he served in a multitude of capacities that included both referee and ring announcer. A paranormal enthusiast who believes that we are not alone, he and Di Cesare travel to speaking events, conventions and investigations across the country. Potential Guests Published authors; Television personalities; Paranormal Investigators; Film directors and producers; professional athletes; UFOlogists; Law enforcement personnel; Haunted survivors; educators

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